What Homebuyers Want in 2021: The Hottest Kitchen, Bath, and Outdoor Trends in the New Year


Home design trends shift every year as home buyers discover what does and does not work for their families.  In the current condition of a continuing pandemic, homebuyers are still looking toward ample space and renovations that can make staying at home a pleasure.  Rooms where this is most obvious are kitchens and bathrooms, while outdoor living space also remains a popular place for new trends in 2021.    


Few areas of a home are visited as often as the kitchen.  It is the room where entertaining, studying, working, eating, and of course cooking bring family members together. With its many roles and central hub of a home, the kitchen is the most sought after room for homebuyers. In 2021, homebuyers are searching for unique kitchens with large amounts of storage space. Pandemic living taught families the need to buy in bulk and limit trips to the grocery store. Because of this, homebuyers are in search of large walk-in pantries to accommodate additional food in the house.  According to 62% of agents, homebuyers are interested in walk-in pantries in their next home.  Nearly as many agents, 57%, say extra cabinet storage is a top kitchen feature for homebuyers.  Beyond storage, 2021 homebuyers, just as decades of homebuyers prior, are very interested in the kitchen island.  More specifically homebuyers are interested in functional and visually pleasing kitchen islands that can adapt to meet the needs of family members. Multi-tiered islands in vibrant colors provide counter space and storage while remaining a beautiful focal point of the kitchen.  


Bathrooms are another area of the house that 2021 homebuyers are hoping to find extra storage and a bit of luxury. Where homebuyers once looked for small single sink vanities that required less cleaning and space for clutter, 2021 homebuyers are in search of double-sink vanities with ample storage space below. Like the kitchen island, these vanities should serve as  a focal point for the bathroom while remaining functional.  In order to take full advantage of space, 29% of agents say linen closets with additional storage are an upgrade home buyers are interested in.  Aside from storage, buyers are interested in upscale shower heads. Rainshower heads (39%) or dual shower heads (37%) are at the top of the list of bathroom features for 2021.  Heated floors (26%) broke the top 5 bathroom upgrades of interest to buyers, however most of the interest came from those in the Northeast or Midwest. Across all regions, a massive 72.6% of agents said carpeting in a bathroom would dissuade buyers from purchasing a home.  


Outdoor space became a vital part of life for most of 2020 and will continue into 2021. One trend that began in 2020 and will continue this coming spring is the search for comfortable outdoor furniture. To enjoy that new outdoor furniture, buyers continue to consider privacy an important part of their outdoor area. Buyers are looking for privacy fences that can be made of wood or even a living fence to add to the natural feel of the backyard. At the top of the list of 2021 home buyers wants is an outdoor fire pit according to 54% of agents. Be they large or small, wood heated or gas, fire pits can be very versatile as an addition to an outdoor oasis.  The final outdoor renovation that homebuyers look for in 2021 is a dedicated outdoor cooking area. Complete with sink, grill, refrigerator, and storage space, the outdoor cooking area should be a space for family members to gather. Much like the kitchen island as a focal point, outdoor cooking areas should have ample space for food preparation as well as entertaining.  This means that there should be plenty of seating areas as well.     


Though trends can vary from region to region, the top trends are all about space and adjusting to ample time at home. Throughout 2021 these home trends will remain at the forefront of buyers minds when searching for a home and can be beneficial to sellers looking to boost their homes value.   

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