Your January Declutter Plan

Published | Written by Pamela Briggs

Whether you just moved into a new home, plan to sell your home next year or just want to get a jump start on spring cleaning, now may be a great time to start. But after January, when that new year energy begins to wane, the prospect of tackling such a big project tends to overwhelm.

This year we will share with you month-by-month tips to clearing the clutter from every room in your house. We will zero in on areas of the home that certain holidays and seasons but feel free to reorganize as you see fit.

No matter what, by the end of the year, your home should be feeling more spacious and, perhaps more important, you should be feeling more capable of maintaining a clutter-free space.

To help turbocharge your decluttering, spend a few weekends clearing clutter throughout the house. Making noticeable headway will help motivate you to keep up the decluttering effort in the coming months. Try to get the other members of your household onboard — but if they are not interested, don’t try to force it. Hopefully they will see the positive changes happening around the house and change their tune!

Helpful Tip: Keep an empty reusable bin in a closet, and use it to put items in that you plan to give away.

So, let's get started in the kitchen for January.


Give yourself a fresh start for the new year with a clean kitchen, decluttered cabinets and a healthy pantry and fridge.

•Toss worn dish towels or cut them up to make rags
•Sell or give away specialty small appliances and tools you seldom or never use
•Recycle or toss freebie cups and Tupperware containers without lids
•Toss expired food and spices
•Take stock of cookware and dishes; give away or sell pieces you do not need

Habit to cultivate: Clean out the pantry and fridge each week before shopping.

What are your go to tips for staying organized in the kitchen? Comment below ! (Sharing is caring)

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